Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Handmade Baby Doll Carrier

I didn't have much time for handmade presents this year (did you?!) but the one present I did make was so gratefully received by my six year old I just had to share it with you

B loves to play with her dolls and do everything that she sees young mums going, walking them in the pram, feeding them, changing their nappies and carrying them in a sling. We seemed to misplace our previous toy baby sling in the move so I looked through my vast Pinterest account and found one I could quickly make for her.

I have a Pinterest Board just for stuff to make for the Kids - you might enjoy some pins so do have a a look!

I used the pattern from The Art of Simple and let B choose her fabrics from my fabric collection...

she picked two co-ordinating fabrics from the Moda Canyon collection (one of my favourites!)

It didn't take long to cut out the necessary pieces and dust off the sewing machine which hadn't been used since we moved. B loves to press the peddle when I say "Go!", I have to say stop a little bit sooner than if I was driving but we get there in the end!

The straps give a nice secure hold for the doll which now travels everywhere with her!

Happy Sewing

We have since added a pocket to the front for her baby's bottle, but I have yet to get another picture!


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