Saturday, 23 August 2014

A hexi pincushion using paper piecing

we never throw away any "scraps"!

Even the smallest piece of fabric can be used for something at Butterfly Bright and as I needed a new pin cushion for my new sewing room at home I went straight to the fabric scrap basket to pick out some coordinating pieces..
I printed and then cut out my hexi templates, I always pin them to the fabric and cut around the template leaving a small allowance
Then I fold and tack the excess fabric around the paper template trapping the paper inside but not sewing directly through the paper so they are easy to pull out and reuse.
Once the hexi's are all tacked you can start to sew them together using an overstitch
soon mini flowers start forming..
I machine stitched my flower onto some backing fabric (again from the scrap box), stuffed with toy stuffing and hey presto a new pin cushion!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Our beautiful Gutermann fabrics have arrived!

We might have got a bit carried away with the new collection of fabrics by Gutermann but we simply had to have them all!

Buy online here

Gutermann have also supplied several free patterns with ideas from appliqued tea towels and cushions to table cloths and clothing.

Free Pattern downloads
The fabrics are all 145cm wide (57") which make them great for dressmaking as well as quilting, the weight is 145g/sqm.
Have a look at the Gutermann website for the free patterns which you can download.

All the fabrics are available to purchase in our webshop
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