Saturday, 3 May 2014

An alphabet mini quilt in Dashwood Studios 'Flurry' fabric

As soon as we took delivery of the new "Flurry" fabric range by Dashwood Studios I knew I had to find a
project to use them all together!

At about the same time we ordered an Alphabet Di cutter to use with our Accuquilt machine.

They were a match made in heaven and the idea for an alphabet quilt was born!

I appliqued all the letters onto the cream squares first and then played around with the other squares to get a nice even spread of colours.

 It took a few weeks to put it all together, snatching the occasional evening to get my sewing machine out.
The finished quilt is about a metre squared so a little too small for a single bed, but it would be lovely on a cot bed.

This mini quilt will probably be used as a play mat, either indoors on in the garden

but actually I think it will take a bit of persuading to get it back from Daisy who seized possession of it as soon as she saw it!

We plan to sell the fabric pre cut for this quilt as a kit to make up yourself and we will also be running a four week workshop to help people who need a bit of guidance to make one.

Within a few minutes of posting a picture of this quilt on facebook I was asked if we sell them, sadly I don't have time to make any more as running and business and looking after three kids are my priority but I do enjoy the occasional sewing project and I hope it inspires people to try and make one themselves.

The kits are now available in our Folksy shop and the workshop is ready to book on our website

Ali x


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