Saturday, 12 March 2016

The All New Butterfly Bright Workshop!

I think with all the fuss of moving and settling in I completely forgot to blog about the new shop.

So as you know I made the decision to downsize at the end of last year due to increasing family pressure to have some actual time off occasionally.

So when an amazing space became available just up the road in Sherborne I knew it was perfect for me.

As an empty shell it was crying out for colour

the fitted shelving was surely just meant to be for wool...

and this empty space was perfect for my wall of fabric!

A few brave friends gave up their time, energy, blood, sweat and (mostly my) tears and we moved over 400 bolts of fabric, 1000's of balls of yarn, one ginormous table and a whole lot of other bits and pieces the mere 500 metres from one shop to the other.

A very clever carpenter moved and changed my fixtures to create even better space for the fabric

 Slowly the magic started to happen and rainbows started to appear

 although our arms were aching by this point!

I am lucky to have an OCD friend who was more than happy to help work her magic with the wool display...

It looked so perfect I didn't want anyone to buy any wool!

The mantle piece is a real show stopper and it seemed the perfect place for my button jars, you can't beat a string of fairy lights for an extra special touch.

So now I am in and it is starting to feel like home

the big table is the focal point for workshops and weekly clubs and gatherings

and the chandelier is the most asked about feature in the room - and no it is not mine!

I found the perfect canvas in B&Q of all places and I've decided this is my new motto:

I bought myself a new trolley so I can find all my sewing gadgets exactly when I need them for workshops - I think we all know where this is from! #loveikea

My favourite quote since being in the new space is
"there are shops, and there are shops, and this is the latter!"

I hope you will join me soon for a workshop or a gathering - or just pop up and see the new space, I think you will agree it is pretty amazing!

See you soon,



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