Friday, 25 March 2016

Crochet Mandalas

I love colour, and I love crochet, so when I see the two together I get a little bit excited!

Browsing through the Mollie Makes website I spotted these pretty mandalas, there is a free pattern available if you want to try your own:

Then the new "Crochet Now" Magazine facebook page tempted me with these designs by Crochet Millan.

I had just taken delivery of some fabulous new crochet cottons from RICO in some beautiful new spring shades

the colours looked so lovely together I didn't need to think long about using all of them in a mandala

I made quick progress in just one evening

just running out of time to do the last round...

Once complete I pinned it out on my ironing board to block the points

and here is the finished article!

I used one of the free patterns from Crochet Millan's website which was easy to follow if you but do remember that the pattern is written in American terms so you will need to adjust for British terms if you prefer those.

Which one would you try?




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