Monday, 8 February 2016

Fabric for my Valentine

What greater gift for a Valentines present than fabric?!
We have put together some beautiful coordinating gift bundles which we can send gift wrapped to your loved ones for Valentines Day.
Plum Valentine Bundle
Moda's Canyon collection has some amazing rich plum, pink and orange prints which together with the greys make a fabulous combination.
Then we have some pretty and bright pinks from the Sketchbook collection for Free Spirit Fabrics
If the Valentine in your life is a little person who loves to sew - why not pick this Little Princess - Valentines bundle including pink unicorns and glittery princesses - it is guaranteed to impress!
Princess bundle
Of course any traditionalist would say roses are a must for Valentines Day - and we won't disappoint you with these amazing blooms in the Roses Bundle- which will last a lot longer than any boring old fresh flowers (but we would accept those too!)
This was a fun post to shoot and also to write although working with edible props is always too tempting! nomnom....
Happy Valentines everyone...


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