Monday, 4 April 2016

Applique Houses and some Sketchbook Club inspiration!

I love teaching Applique and enjoy coming up with new samples for workshops.

I started this piece last year and as usual it sat unfinished for months before inspiration finally struck on a last bit of detail that it needed.

I had completed the houses with windows, doors and roofs.

I added some freehand machine embroidery for detail and left the edges uncovered to add texture as they fray.

Then I was inspired by an image I saw via the Jennie Maizles' #Sketchbookclub instagram feed

I had already started doing the Sketchbook Club at Butterfly Bright but this wasn't actually one of our modules but I loved it and knew immediately what my applique picture needed!


and not little white fluffy ones but deep blue paisley ones

I think they add real drama to the sky..

What do you think?

I also had a chance to try the sketchbook version myself and was rather pleased with the results!

If you fancy joining me for an applique workshop please check the website for forthcoming dates, our summer term of Sketchbook Club starts again on 21 April so do book early to avoid disappointment!



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