Monday, 6 July 2015

Workshops with Lazy Daisy Jones

We have been very lucky recently to have Ashley, aka "Lazy Daisy Jones" back at the workshop teaching various dressmaking classes.

we started with our favourite class - knicker making - where the ladies took their time choosing which of our many beautiful fabrics would be perfect for a pair of frillies!
I settled on butterflies of course with a matching yellow gingham elasticated trim.
Butterfly Fabric knickers
Ashley is a very patient teacher and we were all listening intently to her every instruction...
knickers sewing workshop

We had some interesting looks from passers by when they realised what we were constructing but the finishes results were so pleasing we didn't care!
knicker making workshop

Then last week Ashley taught two keen novices to make their very own A-line skirt complete with darts and a zip. They both got a lot out of the day and Ashley has written a very touching post on her Lazy Daisy Jones blog about the experience!
a line skirt with Lazy Daisy Jones

Next we look forward to the pyjama bottoms workshop this coming thursday - we have a morning or an afternoon session available and this class would suit a dressmaking beginner who can use a sewing machine and promises to be another fun day in the workshop...
pyjama bottoms sewing workshop
PJ-photo 1
We hope to see you soon for one of our wonderful workshops!

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