Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Christmas Advent Calendar - from one simple panel

I loved making up this Advent Calendar using the nifty panel we ordered in from Dashwood Studios, but I did think the instructions needed a helping hand so here is what I did step by step!

cut the pocket panel into the strips marked (removing the blue borders)

Fold and iron the white/ecru border, then fold again tucking the rough edge under the fold. Pin and then sew

 all the pocket strips sewn

Box pleat between the pockets, I used the iron and then pins to keep these in place

Pin the box pleated pockets to the backing panel, the pockets should line up over the boxes printed on this panel

All pinned and ready to sew

I sewed down across and up the other side of each pocket, carrying straight onto the next pocket in the strip until I got across the whole strip.

Next I layered with a backing fabric and wadding in between and quilted between the pocket strips and around the outside of the calendar. I removed the excess fabric and wadding cutting the calendar down to the red border, then I added a binding to finish it off!

All we need now is the treats to fill it and roll on December!


Panels are £8.50 or £14.95 if you would like the wadding and backing to finish the whole project, you can buy them in the shop or via our webshop.


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