Saturday, 21 June 2014

Fun Fabric Flowers

Scraps of coordinating fabrics
Needle and thread
Brooch Pin

Cut 5 circles of 10cm / 4 inch diameter (we drew around a roll of sticky tape) these will form the petals.

Fold each circle in half and then half again.

With a needle and coordinating thread commence a running stitch along the curved edge of each petal (do not break the thread between each petal), pull the thread gently at the end of each petal to gather the fabric.

Continue until you have sewn along all five, pulling the thread after each petal, arrange into a flower shape and secure with a couple of stitches. Place a small circle of felt on the back of the flower to secure.

Embelish with a large button in the middle and attach a brooch pin to the back.

And there you have it, a beautiful fabric flower brooch to attach to your bag, sun hat, coat or cardigan!

Find more information on this pattern that was inspired by the wonderful Red Ted Art ( including a picture tutorial on our blog

These flowers are available as a kit from Butterfly Bright, Digby Road, Sherborne.


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