Sunday, 20 April 2014

Daisy's first sewing machine project!

Daisy is 4 and a half.

Sometimes my heart sinks when she asks to do painting (other mums will understand the mess involved!) so when she finally asked to do some sewing she didn't have to ask twice!

I let her choose some fabric from my stash, pink is a firm favourite in her book so these two were an easy choice. A classic pale pink gingham from Makower fabrics and a bright a cheery heart print from Riley Blake's Sweetcakes collection.

We practiced a bit of maths with the cutting out and then the 'boring' ironing bit where we attached the interfacing for added strength.

The trapezoid was a new shape for Daisy to learn and finally the sewing.

It was Caroline who gave me the idea to get Daisy to press the peddle whilst I steered and she loved helping with this although it did make her hand tired!

It was slightly chaotic to do this during the day time with ,my two year old also trying to 'help' and my 3 month old baby threatening to end our creative session with the occasional grumble, but we ploughed on and the finished result was a delight for Daisy to behold!

Let me know if you spot the 'deliberate' mistake, this comes from trying to sew surrounded by tiny folk!

If you'd like to try this for yourself you can find the pattern and instructions on this blog called Make it & Love it



  1. I arrived to your page from make it and love it, I wanted to see your version and it is so cute! I also sewed one :-)

    1. thanks for stopping by! can we see a picture of your bag anywhere?

    2. Yes, here:
      The text is in Hungarian but of course there are pictures - those are international :-)


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