Friday, 7 March 2014

Easter beanbag chicks!

I have been meaning to try out this pattern for a while, I spotted it on RedTedArt's website which is full of great ideas for kids crafts. You can follow RedTedArt on facebook to keep up with all the fab ideas they have!
I knew it would be best to set up a production line as I wanted to make 9 or 10 for our new window display so I cut out all the fiddly felt parts first
Easter Chick Felt

Then I pinned all the felt pieces in place between the two layers of fabric before quickly sewing up the first two sides on each chick.
Sewing up Chicks

Keeping the rice in whilst pinning up and sewing the final side was a bit of a challenge but with a few additional strategically placed pins I soon got them all done.
RedTedArt EasterChick

You can find the original RedTedArt blog post here with detailed instructions and lots of step by step photos
I added one extra detail which was a frilly felt tail feather just for fun!
Enjoy your chicks! Ali x


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