Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I recently saw another lovely idea on Pinterest for a patchwork table runner so I thought I would give it a go. I started by using a few fabrics from the scraps box along with some new prints that had just arrived at the shop and cut up my squares, 24 large colourful ones and 72 small white ones.

As usual my colours are pink, green and blue!

This pattern is similar to a "snowballl" design but you only sew the small squares to three corners of the large squares instead of all four corners.

I laid the squares in opposite directions to be able to "strip piece" the squares and save thread!

Once all three squares were attached to the larger squares I trimmed off the outer corners

Next I joined the larger squares together, the corners without the white squares sit together creating a sort of flower effect.

I layered up with wadding in the middle and a colourful fabric for the reverse.

Finally I sewed all three layers together (inside out) and pulled them the right way round, finishing off with a top stitch all the way round the outer edge.
Ta Da!


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